School Visits


I love visiting schools and meeting young readers. My presentations are geared to grade-level and focus on the writing process, quilting, and/or sharing my books. Student participation is encouraged and I always make time at the end for questions and comments.

On every school visit this writing quilt, titled PIECING TOGETHER A PICTURE BOOK, comes with me. What, students may wonder, does a car have to do with writing? Or a tree? A spider? A snail? The quilt blocks hold the answers to these questions and explain everything about creating books. Included in the tiny stitches are activities for students to learn how to write like a professional author.

Click here for an explanation of the different squares.

Fun activities for my books are listed on the book’s specific page.


“We still remember you and we always will. I am going to remember you until I die.” Britney, 2nd grader.

“Thank you for being so generous to say your wonderful speech. I just can’t wait to grow up and work as an author like you.” Tim, 3rd grader.

“You are nice, funny, great, super, good and way to go!” Brenda, 2nd grader.

“All I can say is ‘Wow!’” Allison, 4th grader.

“The kids loved you!” C. Halbad, Teacher, Lake View School

“There simply are not words enough to thank you for your wonderful presentation. . .simply awesome.” R. Nicolson, Teacher, Hubbard Street School

“What a delight! You’re the BEST.” G. Beadle, Teacher, Trinidad School

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