If Animals Went to School by Ann Whitford Paul
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If Animals Gave Thanks

This bestselling story imagines how animals might show their gratitude!

If animals gave thanks, Crow would caw-caw for the great bowl of sky. Raccoon would chir-chirrrr thanks for her cub. Skunk would hiss-hiss for her stinky spray. And Bear would thank his friends with a bountiful feast. This delightful rhymed book will inspire you to think of what makes you thankful.

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I’ve published over twenty picture books, including the popular If Animals series (If Animals Kissed Goodnight has sold over 500,000 copies to date!). My books have won numerous awards including The Seasons Sewn, which was awarded both the Carl Sandburg Award for Children’s Literature and a NY Time’s Best Illustrated Book. I also created a series of books designed to help introduce children to the Spanish language (Fiesta Fiasco, Mañana Iguana, Count on Culebra, Tortuga in Trouble).

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